Toyota IQ

The Toyota iQ is a microcar introduced at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show, with Japanese sales beginning in October 2008 and European sales in January 2009. The production iQ followed a concept vehicle presented at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. A North American version of the iQ is slated for release in early 2011, branded as the Scion iQ.
The name iQ, an initialism of the term intelligence quotient, recalls a competitor, the Smart Fortwo. According to Toyota, the i stands for "individuality" "innovation" and "intelligence", while the Q stands for "quality" and points to the iQ's "cubic" shape. It was Japanese Car of the Year for 2008.The iQ was designed at the Toyota European Design and Development (Toyota ED2) studio in Nice, France
The design emphasizes low fuel consumption, maneuverability, environmental friendliness, and maximized interior space. Six specific design factors contribute to IQ's minimal overhangs, forward windscreen location, maximized cabin space and overall compactness. These include a newly developed differential and a centre take-off steering gear, a flat fuel tank and rear-angled shock absorbers, a smaller heater/air conditioning unit and asymmetric dashboard, and a slimmer seat design.
Elegant Toyota IQ
Yellow Toyota IQ
Driving Interior
luxurx Toyota IQ

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