Audi A5

The Audi A5 is a large mid-size car produced by the German automobile manufacturer Audi since 2007. It is the coupé and cabriolet versions of the third generation (C6) Audi A6, and fourth generation (B8) Audi A4 saloon and estate models.

Elegant Black Audi A5
White Audi A5

The A5 marks Audi's return to the mid-size coupé market since the (B3/B4) Audi 80-based Coupe model ended production in 1996. The B6/B7 A4 spawned a convertible variant but not a coupé. For the fourth generation A4 (B8), Audi decided to spin off the cabriolet and new coupé into a nameplate of its own as the A5.

Silver Audi A5

The new A5 and B8 A4 were based on the Audi MLP platform (Modular Longitudinal Platform) which is planned to underpin the next generation A6 and A8. The platform is notable for its departure from Audi's trademark "overhung" engine mounting position over the front axle, in favour of the powertrain being located behind the front axle - in an effort to achieve a more even weight distribution (52:48)[1] between the front and rear wheels.

Audi A5 Fast Cars
Audi A5 Interior
Audi A5 Concept

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